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dermatosis n : disorder involving lesions or eruptions of the skin (in which there is usually no inflammation) [also: dermatoses (pl)]

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  1. generic term for disease of the skin.

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Not to be confused with dermatitis which is inflammation of the skin and is a symptom of some dermatoses.

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In medicine, a dermatosis is a generic term for disease of the skin. The plural is dermatoses. It should be distinguished from dermatitis, which is inflammation of the skin (the two terms are related but not identical). Dermotoses covers all skin diseases, many of which are not contagious. Dermatitis is a description of symptoms (inflammation) of some dermatoses.
Many systemic diseases express symptoms through the skin such as measles, and rubella, but these are not categorised as dermatoses.
Skin diseases, or dermatoses, include, skin cancer, eczema, psoriasis, acne, impetigo, scabies, sunburn, warts, fifth disease(also called erythema infectiosum or "slapped face disease"), tinea, herpes, ulcers, and pruritis.
Some skin disorders are caused by absorption of material through the skin. Failure to use proper skin protection (gloves, aprons, overalls etc.) can result in irritation or even poisoning.

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